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Begin to Thrive

Hi! I'm Ash, a registered Dietitian in Cape Town,  offering specialized nutrition counseling and treatment for all ages.

I have a special focus in mother and child nutrition and intuitive eating for weight management, and gut health. I want to empower you towards a healthier relationship with food for a healthier lifestyle.

At Thrive, I value progress over perfection, and addition over elimination. Every person  should be treated like the unique individual they are.

I want to help you THRIVE through living nourished!


Ashley Krige
Registered Dietitian


A friendly face for reliable and personalised nutrition information for your specific needs. 

Food is such a big part of our lives so it needs to be enjoyable as well as nutritious. I want to help you feel empowered and help you sift through the nonsense diet culture myths that are holding you back!

The aim is to establish realistic goals, use evidence-based knowledge to achieve these goals in a sustainable manner and progress towards a healthier lifestyle.

Located at the Copperfield Child Care Company in Claremont, Cape Town, Thrive works by seeing clients in office, virtually and in-hospital at the Life Kingsbury Hospital. 


In the 60min Initial consultation I will assess your body composition, dietary patterns, medical history, clinical issues as well as address your concerns. Education on key areas will be provided, as well as establishing individualized nutrition goals that are monitored at each follow up. 


Meal plans

Using the InBody 270, I am able to assess:  muscle mass, fat mass, bone mass, hydration status and basal metabolic rate.

Using this to show how much fat to lose or muscle to gain and on specific target areas.

Personalized meal plans are created with your own goals in mind. Meal plans are separate and exclusive from consults.

Online meal plans can be done separate to consults*. If you require further treatment or explanations, consults will be booked. 

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