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Initial Consult

A detailed 90 minute virtual or in-office assessment of the following: body composition, blood results (if any), medical history, clinical features and a diet history. Nutrition and lifestyle modifications are discussed and realistic goals are set. 

 The consultation includes dietary guidelines and nutrition education that we will continue with at follow up consults.


Follow Ups

Follow-up consultations range between 30-45  minutes and are important to monitor progress, make dietary adaptions, identify any challenges to progress and to track your progress. 

Booking follow up consults ensure accountability towards goals. 


Weigh ins are approximately 15 minutes. 

Growth monitoring for infants and children is important to ensure optimal weight/length gain and  development. 

Adult weigh-ins are done using the InBody 120 scale to monitor progress. Please see "InBody" tab to learn more.  

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Meal Plans

Personalized meal plans are created with your own goals in mind. Meal plans can be done separate and exclusive from consults.

If you require further treatment or explanations, consults will be booked. A questionnaire for your details is completed and please allow 3-4 working days after proof of payment is received for the meal plan. 

Payment is accepted via EFT, and card. Please note that this is a cash-based practice with credit card facilities available. On payment a statement will be emailed to the client to submit to their medical aid should they wish to claim.

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