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On-Hand Dietitian, Food & Excercise Log

Through the years at Thrive Dietitian, I have wanted to have a more hands-on approach to my client's health and well-being through being integrated into their everyday eating, lifestyle habits, and exercise routines.


This leads me to introduce our new on-hand, Dietitian-in-your-pocket offering at Thrive using the JEFF App as a platform for all your tracking, resources, feedback, and encouragement.


Tailored Workouts

  • 50+ Goal-Based Programs to follow

  • Library of on-demand exercise sessions & video classes

  • Exercise guides to perfect your form and get the most out of every movement


Tools For Progress Tracking

  • Log your daily meals with the Food Diary to get weekly and monthly insights into your eating habits

  • Log your daily activity to track your fitness progress and stay accountable to reach your goals

  • Track your hydration, sleep & mood
    to map out your habits


Wholesome Recipes

  • Library of recipes for all dietary preferences

  • Seasonal menus with weekly shopping lists

  • Library of educational videos, courses
    and articles to understand how to nourish your body


Community Support

  • Browse and engage with special interest groups to find like-minded individuals to connect with

  • Get inspiration, motivation and accountability from the incredible JEFF community

Get started for just R800 Per Month
Full subscription & Dietitian Feedback

Sign up for the JEFF App
without Dietitian Feedback for R200 per month

USE CODE: thrivexjeff for R50 off your first month

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